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Political Economy 

POL 365: Economy and Democracy 

Stony Brook University

Winter, Summer, & Fall 2022; Spring & Fall 2023; Spring 2024

Undergraduate Students 

Course Description: An examination of the interplay between economics and politics in Western democracies. Topics include the economic theory of democracy; the political-business cycle; political parties and economic policies; the economy and voter choices in elections; economic performance and government (especially presidential) popularity; and the formation of economic expectations.

American Politics

POL 102: Intro to American Government 

Stony Brook University

Summer 2023

Undergraduate Students 

Course Description: What the informed citizen and specialist should know about the organization of American government, including the Constitution and what it means today, the Congress, political parties, pressure groups, growth of the Presidency, the Supreme Court, judicial review, federalism, separation of powers, and the Bill of Rights. 

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